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TAKE 5 Life Groups
Merging Local Church Small Groups with Personal Evangelism
Attention Pastors: (click on the following links to save a copy)
Lesson 1 - Learn to Walk
We are very excited to share with you what we have developed.
It is our new Bible Study for your new converts. We have completed four lessons
with two more to follow. Please take time to click the link below and
download a FREE copy. This document can be completed on
the computer using an Adobe reader. The lessons can then be printed out
or emailed to you when completed.
Lesson 2 - Learn to Talk
Lesson 3 - Learn to Share
Lesson 4 - Learn to Belong
Lesson 1 - Learn to Walk-Answers
Lesson 2 - Learn to Talk-Answer
Lesson 3 - Learn to Share-Answers
Lesson 4 - Learn to Belong-Answers