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Merging Local Church Small Groups with Personal Evangelism
December 7, 2012
For as long as I can remember our ministry has been consumed with the desire to help local churches do three things:

(1) equip willing believers to reach the lost for Christ,
(2) acquire the resources needed in simple form and at a reasonable price and
(3) train key leaders in the church.

I am pleased to report that as this year draws to a close we are beginning to see how the Lord
is helping our local churches to move in this direction. Churches need/want a simple, effective, adaptable
and inexpensive plan to mobilize and train their key leaders and available church constituents
in personal evangelism. This plan is now in place and we are offering it to our leadership.

When David faced Goliath he said, “Is there not a cause?” (1 Samuel 17:29).
We have a cause in our nation—only 2% of lost people attend church on any given Sunday.
Take 5 Personal Evangelism Plan—There is a Cause!
Please consider launching a Take 5 small group today.
It’s so easy! Just find five Christian couples and ask them to commit to meet once a month for five months
and then teach our newest book titled Share the Gospel in Three Stories.

Everything you need to get started is right here on the web site!
Take a look at this video
and you will see what I mean.